December, 2021

Breeze is a kinetic sculpture that explores natural and delicate movement using the materiality of papers and a digital system. It creates sequential and random movement patterns in a paper matrix using wind from computer cooling fans. 

Notepapers, thumbtacks, binderclips, and plywood
Arduino, PWM/Servo drivers, MOSFET transistor modules, and terminal blocks 

  Kinetic art     Generative art     Sculpture     Creative coding  

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The Shape of ( ) Moment

September, 2021

The Shape of ( ) Moment is a kinetic experiment that explores endless and slow movement of material on graphic composition.  By generating purposeless yet delicate movement, the work provides the joy of observation and allows viewers to focus on the present moment.

AC motor, yarn, thumbtacks, and paper

 Kinetic art   

︎︎︎ Closeup


April, 2021

Ripple is a real-time animation exploring the randomness and sequential effect of natural movement. By applying live wind data and imitating the motion of the water’s surface, which is ephemeral but recurrent, the work aims to deliver a sense of realism as well as a meditative moment and allows viewers to experience a natural phenomenon in digital space.

Processing, and 2D Water Simulation algorithm invented by Hugo Elias

 Generative art    Data visualization    cellular automata     Installation   Projection 

* Featured in Supernova 7th Dimension presented by Denver Digerati

︎︎︎ Projection

Small Things

October, 2010

A projected animation generated in real-time. It portrays around 1-inch sized items traveling around in weightless motion. As the viewers approach the work, two randomly selected objects will become larger. It demonstrates an arbitrary movement in which a cluster of small things bump into one another. 

Processing, Box2D, Arduino, and ultrasonic sensor

 Generative art     Interactive art      Installation    Projection 

︎︎︎ Installation

︎︎︎ Interaction



Rhythm of Micro


Rhythm of Micro explores particle drawing and its motion using code. It produces delicate and natural particles with sprinkling/floating behavior, which we can see in the real world.


 Generative art  

︎︎︎ Sprinkling Salt

 ︎︎︎Floating Fragment